Jan 212014

The benefits of Hot Waxing

The benefits of hot waxing

  • Constant temperature control helps with the comfort level of waxing for both therapist and client.
  • This temperature allows the pores to open up for easy hair removal which results in less pain!
  • Less chances of ingrowing hair.
  • Feels much more gentle on the skin – no pulling, no stickyness, no bruising
  • Suitable for all skin and hair types. Including sensitive skin.
  • Ideal for Brazilians, Hollywood and underarms or strong stubborn hair.
Jan 212014

Put a spring in your step!

Put a spring in your step
The thought of baring your winter feet making you nervous? get that tingly feeling back in between your tootsies and put your best foot forward! Feet covered up through the winter can often have a build up of hard skin, dehydration and dullness to the nails. Rasana our nail expert recommends you should start to prepare now by exfoliating and keeping nails short. Keeping nails short and free from polish gives them a head start to healthy nails and preventing polish build up.

A little tip from Mrs Feelgoods
– mix together dead sea salt with olive oil, lemon juice and manuka honey for its antibacterial properties. Rub into the feet twice weekly for that wow factor.

Jan 212014

Winter Skin

Winter skin
A top tip from our senior therapist Katie, Don’t squeeze spots! what you get out will only go back in through the pores causing a bacteria breakout, resulting in more nasties! Take our sound advice from the professional and use the MediBac Clearing Kit from Dermalogica. Kit contains five super, busting products to combat problem skins. The products work together to control factors that contribute to breakout production. A face mapping consultation is advisable and its free! just give us 15minutes of your time and you’re half way their. All our therapists are fully Dermalogica trained.

Nov 012012

Mrs Feelgood Beauty tip 2

Covering your feet with a body butter or moisturiser and wearing socks is the quickest way to soft feet. How does it work? Well the socks lock in heat which opens the pores so the moisturiser can work its magic.

Oct 152012

Mrs Feelgood Beauty tip 1

Painting hands/feet at home can be tricky. To avoid smudging we advise using olive oil over the painted nails as a coat of protection.

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